anahoreet, erak

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  • Anchorite — (male)/anchoress (female), (adj. anchoritic; from the Greek polytonic|ἀναχωρέω anachōreō, signifying to withdraw , to depart into the rural countryside ), denotes someone who, for religious reasons, withdraws from secular society so as to be able …   Wikipedia

  • Anchorite — An cho*rite, n. Same as {Anchoret}. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • anchorite — (n.) mid 15c., hermit (especially those of the Eastern deserts), recluse, one who withdraws from the world for religious reasons, from M.L. anchorita, from Gk. anakhoretes, lit. one who has retired, agent noun from anakhorein to retreat, go back …   Etymology dictionary

  • anchorite — hermit, eremite, *recluse, cenobite Analogous words: *ascetic, mystic: *religious, monk, friar …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • anchorite — anchorite, anchoret n eremite, hermit, solitary, recluse, Islam. marabout, Islam. santon; anchoress, an cress, hermitess, Obs. hermitress, nun; troglodyte, cave dweller, incluse; stylite, pillarist, pillar saint; ascetic, celibate, monk, monastic …   A Note on the Style of the synonym finder

  • anchorite — ► NOUN historical ▪ a religious recluse. ORIGIN Greek anakh r t s, from anakh rein retire …   English terms dictionary

  • anchorite — [aŋ′kəret΄, aŋ′kərit′aŋ′kə rīt΄] n. [ME < OFr anachorete < LL(Ec) anachoreta < LGr anachōrētēs, one retired < Gr anachōrein < ana , back + chōrein, to retire < IE base * ĝhē , ĝhēi, leave behind, GO1] a person who lives alone… …   English World dictionary

  • Anchorite — Anchoret An cho*ret, Anchorite An cho*rite, n. [F. anachor[ e]te, L. anachoreta, fr. Gr. ?, fr. ? to go back, retire; ? + ? to give place, retire, ? place; perh. akin to Skr. h[=a] to leave. Cf. {Anchor} a hermit.] One who renounces the world and …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Anchorite — Anchoress is the female form. A recluse; a person persuaded by faith to reject the world and live in isolation. Sometimes such persons were immured, wholly confined and even literally walled in. Before one could be bricked in permission was… …   Dictionary of Medieval Terms and Phrases

  • anchorite — also anchoret noun Etymology: Middle English, from Medieval Latin anchorita, alteration of Late Latin anachoreta, from Late Greek anachōrētēs, from Greek anachōrein to withdraw, from ana + chōrein to make room, from chōros place Date: 15th… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • anchorite — anchoritic /ang keuh rit ik/, adj. anchoritically, adv. anchoritism /ang keuh ruy tiz euhm/, n. /ang keuh ruyt /, n. a person who has retired to a solitary place for a life of religious seclusion; hermit. Also, anchoret. [1400 50; late ME… …   Universalium

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